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Exercise: Buy a Feature

Use Case A little game that’s good to consider if you’re having a difficult time selecting particular features for a release or a product. Which features will entice purchase or upgrade? Which are most necessary? Which will delight? Inputs This game is a bit more technically complicated than others. Later, I’ll outline how to effectively…

From the Unbundled and Back.

One phenomena to hit publishers in the 2000s was “The Great Unbundling.” From one perspective, media used to be prefabricated and distributed. It was bundled. Here’s what I mean: When you buy a paper, or listened to the radio, all kinds of things came packaged together.

Exercise: Product Box

Description Leverage your customer’s shopping experience by having them design the box of your offering. Specifically, the offering they want to buy. Afterward, they are challenged to sell this product to you. Inputs Stakeholder, user, customer familiarity with their problem or desired outcome. Outputs An actual box that features the various marketing, positioning, wording, and simple…